Construction work and Light Entrepreneurship

Construction work and Light Entrepreneurship

Are you a professional in the field of construction work and would like to invoice your work easily? Light entrepreneurship is a popular way to do this especially within the construction industry: you save money and time by letting Eezy take care of the paperwork. When working in the construction industry, it’s good to take note of some key points, which are good to know when working in this specific field. We have a lot of experience of working with people in the construction industry and we’ll take care of your paperwork professionally – you can concentrate on completing work assignments instead of bureaucracy.

  • You don’t need a business ID
  • You don’t need to join the pretax or VAT-register
  • You’re not liable to complete bookkeeping
  • You still have the freedom of entrepreneurship, therefore you decide what work you take on.
  • You’re not bound to anything – you can start or stop working/using our service whenever you want.
  • We’ll take care of the paperwork: taxes, insurances, legal payments and notices.
Why Eezy?

Responsible light entrepreneur service

We take care of our light entrepreneurs’ business like our own: carefully, on time and with the authorities in mind. We’ll take care of your paperwork on your behalf. Transparency and responsibility are vital to us and we are proud to have the most comprehensive insurance in the industry included in our service fee.

Why Eezy?

As an Eezy light entrepreneur you are not alone

Our job is to help, advise and give you the clarity you need with more than 15 years of expertise within the industry. We’re proud to have the best customer service in the field of Light entrepreneurship to guide you and we’ve outlined our service promises, which we abide by on a daily basis to make sure you get the help you need without unnecessary delays.

Why Eezy?

Transparent pricing

When it comes to money, none of us like unexpected surprises- neither do we. In comparison to the current market leader in the industry, we’re the cheaper option. Our pricing includes everything you need to be a successful Light entrepreneur: no mandatory costs or additional fees, cancellation fees, fixed costs or unexpected expenses. You can cancel at any time, therefore using our service is flexible.  

Start light entrepreneurship right away

Would you like to become a light entrepreneur? You can register in Eezy’s service free of charge, and without any obligations. Start right away or take your time to take a closer look. You only pay the service fee when you are paid a salary.




You can invoice your work using the reversed VAT for construction work.

In terms of VAT, the VAT-liable individual is usually the service provider. The reversed VAT means that the buyer is VAT-liable (in this case the company you’re invoicing). When working in the construction industry within Finland, you can use the reverse VAT as long as the following terms are met:

  • The service you’re providing is construction work or staff rental for the construction industry.
  • The buyer is a company, who provides construction work or a business owner who sells services on to a third party company.

You can invoice your work using the reverse VAT and we’re happy to help you with any questions you may have in regard to the VAT so that you’re invoice can be sent correctly. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

With Eezy, insurances are included in our service fee - so Eezy!

In the case of accidents or damages, the insurances are essential especially when working in the construction industry. In many cases, the company/buyer requires these before you can start working. The accident and liability insurance are included in our service fee and are active after you’ve registered as an Eezy Light Entrepreneur. If you need the YEL (pension insurance), we can take care of that too. Read more about the insurances.

Kevytyrittäjän tekemästä työstä voi saada As a Light Entrepreneur, your client can get household deductions in their taxation.

If you complete any home renovations for companies/individuals, they have a right to add household deductions into their tax return form according to tax authority guidelines.

Our popular additional services make your life easier.

You can add any work related expenses (kilometers or purchases) for us to compensate. We’ll take these into account when paying out your salary. If you’d like your salary before the invoice has been paid, the EezyExpress service may be for you. Read more about these additional services:

October offer!

Offer: Become a light entrepreneur with a rideshare and get Valtticard for free!

The rideshare towards Eezy Light Entrepreneurship is an excellent deal for you and your friends. When an Eezy Light Entrepreneur recommends our service to a friend and they start invoicing within the month of October, your friend will receive a 50€ (normally 25€) bonus and you’ll receive a 150€ recommendation bonus (bonuses are service fee discounts). Therefore, in October, your friend receives a double bonus just for starting their invoicing journey through us!

That’s not everything! In October, we’re offering the valttikortti card free of charge for all Eezy Entrepreneurs! You can offer the Valtticard from our customer service.

Do you have questions?

You can always call, send email or chat with us.  You can also visit us or book a video meeting. Our customer service is open on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm, tel. 09 4242 1565 |

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