Group invoice

Group invoice – Easily invoice work of multiple people with single invoice

When you are expecting a larger group contract or a work gig for which the client wants one invoice, Eezy’s group invoice is a great solution.

The advantage of a group invoice is that even if you do a work gig with a larger group, you can only send one joint invoice to the client. The client purrs with satisfaction when they receive one clear invoice, and each member of the work group receives a salary of just the right amount for their share, and from which all statutory payments have been deducted.

This is how group invoicing works:

Invoicing in a work group is successful when everyone in the work group is an Eezy light entrepreneur. Find out how the group invoicing works!

  1. If your co-worker is not yet an Eezy light entrepreneur, ask them to register and remember to send your referral link as well, and you will both benefit from your friend registering! All members of the work group must be registered at the latest when starting work.
  2. Decide in the group who will handle invoicing the gig, as he or she will create the group invoice, invite co-workers to the work group, and split the invoicing amount among the co-workers.  
  3. Creating a work group is handled on our online service and it’s easy, all you need is your co-workers’ email addresses.
  4. With a group invoice, you can decide the job description and invoicing amount visible to the client. You can then divide that amount among the work group, either as percentage or in euros, depending on what you agreed together. Co-workers only see their own invoicing share. At Eezy, we make sure that everyone in the work group gets the correct salary for the job.
  5. The group invoice is particularly well suited for the construction industry, as members of the work group can also apply for expense reimbursements in connection with their own invoicing share and the expenses invoiced to the client can also be shared among the work group.

Group invoice and recommending Eezy – match made in heaven

If you’re just assembling a work group, also remember to recommend Eezy’s service. By sending your own referral link to those who intend to become Eezy entrepreneurs, you will both receive hefty EezyBonuses. Read more about recommending Eezy!

Interested in group invoicing?

With the group invoice, you can conveniently invoice the work of several people with one invoice. If you have any questions about the group invoice, get in touch! Our customer service helps via chat, phone and e-mail. 

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