Registration is free of charge. You only pay once you receive salary through us. Your only cost is our service fee which is 5-7% + VAT from the VAT 0 % invoicing total. The registration does no oblige you to anything so you can stop using service whenever.

Establishing a trade name or company is not hard, it can be done in service. The pivotal issue in establishing a company, is that you are bound by entrepreneur’s liabilities. You must take care of pre-tax, VAT, bookkeeping, etc. You can outsource these to accounting firm, but you are still responsible that all required declarations and payments are handled in due time. You will probably be the one handling the invoices and accounts yourself.

When working through Eezy you do not have entrepreneur’s liabilities except pension insurance, and even in that we will help you. You can focus on your work and its marketing while Eezy will take care of administrative and statutory liabilities. Your earnings will be paid as salary from which we have deducted all costs. Your income level depends on your invoicing, similar to having your own company. Eezy service is not founded because establishing a company is hard or complicated. It is founded to be an easy option to invoice work without establishing a company with its liabilities and risks.

Eezy can be used in business areas where persons sell their knowledge and work. In case your activity requires great investments for equipment, we recommend to establish a company. If you retail or wholesale products or hold online shop where customers can pay products through internet bank or by credit card, please contact our customer service.

There is no clear calculation formula for this because these are not directly comparable. If you take care of invoicing and bookkeeping yourself, and you always have enough work, own company is more profitable. However, if you calculate a price for the paperwork, Eezy could be a more profitable business model.

In terms of taxation and bookkeeping you are an employee. Under Unemployment Security Act, you are considered as an entrepreneur. You still are allowed to have so called earnings-related unemployment allowances if your entrepreneurially work is considered part-time work. In terms of pension insurance you are considered under Self-employed person pension insurance scheme (YEL) so you are required to acquire YEL-insurance if insurance liability conditions are fulfilled.

When using an invoicing service like Eezy, you agree and confirm that, according to Employment Contracts Act, you are not in an employment relationship with your Client.

We do not deliver or market work. Each person working through Eezy will market their own work or service independently. You can exploit our service where you can market your knowledge for free.

Is Eezy suitable for me?

Your client is liable to take of all employer’s liabilities when you are working with tax card, because in every case there is an employment relationship. Especially in project-natured or short term employments this is considered as disadvantage. When working through Eezy your client can pay the work with one invoice without being an employer. This increases your job possibilities.

Yes, there are no limitations from Eezy on this.

Yes, we highly recommend that! With Eezy you can test and develop your business idea easily and risk-free. When starting to work through us, you can immediately concentrate on the profitable activities because you do not have liabilities related to establishing a company. In case you decide to establish a company later, it is notably less risky since you have already gained experience about marketing and entrepreneurial work. Additionally, you already have clients. If you find that entrepreneurship is not for you, you can stop using our service without any limitations.

Yes! Your readiness, experience and successful activity through us are your advantages when applying for a startup grant.

Yes, but our condition is that you do not have an active company or trade name while working through us. You can quit your own company or remove it from pre-tax and VAT register.

Can I use Eezy in my business sector?

Eezy is suitable for housing and cleaning services, and we have a lot of professional working in that field. Comparing to own company, working through Eezy is more easier because Eezy create and send the invoices to your clients. You can deduct tool and material expenses but we can also cover tax-exempted travel expenses which are related to your own car. Additionally, if you need an assistant in your work, it is possible through Eezy.

Eezy is suitable for you and we have a lot of professionals working in creative industries. Through Eezy you can invoice your work without establishing a company.

When working through Eezy the deductions of supplies expenses are limited. Supplies expenses can be deducted in your personal tax return as expenses from the production of income. The benefit of this is that you will have the ownership of the supplies.

Invoicing participation fees is possible. We can accumulate the paid fees as one payment and then pay your salary. We also take into account expenses related to materials, travel, rent, assistant, etc.

Eezy is suitable for invoicing translations, but we can also invoice clients abroad.

So that you can provide your services (home help services) to your clients tax-free and receive service vouchers, you must be approved in the municipal register for social service producers. Municipalities don’t have a consistent view on whether a service provider can operate without their own business ID, invoicing through Eezy. For this reason, you should contact the municipality’s social services and inquire whether you can invoice your work through Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Osk as a service provider. If invoicing through Eezy isn’t a problem, you can apply to be a service voucher provider by filling in an application form, which Eezy also signs and fills in.
To be approved as a service voucher provider, you need to fulfil the criteria and conditions mentioned in the rulebook. The service provider and municipality don’t tie a separate agreement, however the signed application form with its commitments works as an agreement.
For more information about applying to be a service voucher provider in different municipalities, you can search the internet with keywords such as: voucher provider + the name of the municipality.

Use of service

You can work independently or with other service providers who are registered into Eezy. You can share the invoicing price as you have agreed with others. All service providers can deduct their work-related expenses.

It is possible to work for only one client through Eezy.


Invoicing details are sent to Eezy in Extranet by creating an invoicing draft. The sent invoicing draft and client register are saved in Extranet. You can use the client register as a base for new invoicing drafts. You can also spool which means that you can save unfinished invoicing draft and continue it later.

If you need assistance in invoicing matters, please contact our customer service.

There is no lower limit so you can also invoice small amounts. Eezy’s service fee is 5-7% + VAT from the invoicing price excluding VAT and the service fee is deducted during salary payment process.

We check the important details and strive to correct possible errors before sending. In case ambiguity we may contact you to correct the errors. We strive to make sure that your client receives proper and flawless invoice.

You can invoice private persons through us. The client has a possibility to apply a tax credit for household expenses if tax authorities’ conditions are fulfilled. Please clarify in the invoice the share of work from materials, tools, etc.

The invoice has your name and phone number. You can add your marketing name and logo to the invoice if you like. It is possible to bring your name/marking name up in the actual invoicing text.

If you send the invoicing draft before 5pm, we create and send the invoice on that day. This requires correctly filled invoicing draft. Please always make sure before submitting the invoicing draft that all necessary details are correctly filled.

You can follow invoicing situation in extranet in real time. There you can see the situation of sent invoicing draft; when it has been invoiced, whether we have received the payment from your client, or whether we have paid the salary.

In certain situations, yes. Through Eezy it is possible to invoice with 10% or 24% VAT rate. The choice shall be done in the invoicing draft. Invoicing without VAT (0%) is also possible, for example when working as a journalist or performing artist. If you are unsure which VAT rate applied in your situation, our customer service is pleased to help you.

You can also invoice travel expenses, materials, supplies, tools from your client besides work. These expenses can be invoiced by the price you agree with the client. If you invoice travel expenses, it is not required to follow the tax authorities’ guidance related to tax-exempted travel expenses. The invoiced expenses does not have influence for the salary payment because only the invoice’s total amount is the base for salary payment. Therefore, invoiced expenses are not deductible or tax-exempted expenses in the salary payment process.

In order to apply tax-exempted expenses or deductible work-related expenses, you must always fill in an expense form in Extranet. Tax-exempted expenses can only be covered in accordance with the guidance of tax authorities.

This is possible in almost all cases and we have strong experience on invoicing companies overseas. For EU countries, the VAT is reversed, therefore we send the invoice excluding VAT and the recipient is liable to handle the VAT in that country. When filling out the invoicing draft, you’ll need your client’s local VAT number. You can receive this directly from your client. You can check if the number is correct here. The Finnish Tax Authorities’ guide and the customer service number can be found here.

If your client in an EU country does not have a VAT number, please fill the invoicing draft using the ‘foreign’ invoicing basis and choose VAT 24%. If your invoice is sent overseas to a non-EU country, the invoice is sent with VAT 0%.

An exception when sending invoices overseas is Norway. If the work is completed in Norway, the service provider is liable to pay taxes to that country. Eezy cannot pay your income tax to the Norwegian authorities and therefore it is not possible to invoice work completed in Norway. However, If the work is completed in Finland, invoicing your client in Norway is still possible.

If you have any questions regarding invoicing overseas, please contact our customer service.

Yes, please choose ‘Domestic with reverse VAT (construction industry)’ when filling in the invoicing draft.

If your client pays the invoice late, you can request us to start collection proceedings. In case we haven’t received the payment even after two payment reminders, we can transfer the invoice to collection agency at your request. These actions do not cause any additionally costs for you. Even though the debts can usually be recovered, in large assignment it is recommended to divide the payments between several payment instalments to decrease risks.

Salary payment

With our salary calculator, you can calculate the amount paid to you from your invoicing price.

Your salary slip will be automatically generated, and your salary will be paid out to you immediately when your client has made a payment or alternatively on your chosen payment date at the latest. You can follow arrived payments in extranet in real time.

You can choose your salary payment in Extranet under My profile from the following selection:

  • Immediately when invoice paid
  • On the 1th day of the month
  • On the 7th day of the month
  • On the 14th day of the month
  • On the 22nd day of the month
  • On the last day of the month
  • Twice a month: 1st and 14th day of the month
  • Twice a month: 7th and 22nd of the month
  • Twice a month: 14th and the last day of the month

Your taxable income would be 25,81€/h.

Please also remember that your client has a right to apply tax credit for household expenses. S/He is allowed to deduct 40% (in 2020) from the invoicing price including VAT.

More info about tax credit for household expenses

With our salary calculator, you can calculate the amount paid to you from your invoicing price.

Covering expenses

Work-related expenses can be, for example materials, supplies or travel related. If these expenses were not taken into account during salary payment process your taxable income would be the total amount including these expenses. This also means that from these expenses we would deduct taxes and other costs similar than from your salary, when you would be able to back only part of the expenses you had.

Therefore, we separate the amount of expenses from the amount received from your client  before salary payment and cover these expenses fully to you. After this we pay your salary from the remainder amount after statutory deductions.

These covered expenses are not salary nor tax-exempted expenses, so these will not be notified to tax authorities as part of the income register or can be seen in salary certificate. If you are getting travel expense compesations, daily allowances, or meal allowances, they will not appear on your salary certificate, but will be notified to tax authorities as part of the income register.

For the requirements related to bookkeeping we can cover expenses which are not older than 2 months from salary payment date. If you have invoiced the expenses from your client, we can cover these costs from the longer period of time. The expenses can only be covered during salary payment, so please also notice the opportunity to deduct expenses in your own tax return as production of income.

One receipt can concern several assignment but you must clarify in expense form in which invoices you have used these purchases.

Purchases related to computer, camera or phone are not deductible through us. This is mainly because the tax authority states that these type of purchases have also private use. By covering these type of expenses may lead to a situation that at least some of the purchases could be considered as salary. Additionally, if Eezy would cover these type of expenses, Eezy would be the owner of the products, and the resale or trade could be extremely hard.

These and equivalent type of expenses can be deducted in your personal tax return as production of income.

There is no personal or work-related upper limit in expenses. However, from every work you should receive at least the minimum salary stated in collective agreements after reimbursement of expenses. This may, in some situations, limit the reimbursement of expenses or the amount of tax-exempted expenses.

You can scan or take clear pictures of the receipts and attach receipts directly to expense form.

We highly recommend you to keep the original receipts until salary payment in case that the receipts are not somehow acceptable and we would need you to send the receipts again.

Please see detailed information about sending receipts.


When working through Eezy, you do not need any additional insurances except Self-employed persons pension insurance (YEL) if required. Eezy has liability insurance but also an accident insurance for work-related accidents. More info here.

Eezy’s service fee includes liability insurance which covers all type of work up to 1 million EUR. The insurance covers personal and property damages. The insurance is valid also in work performed outside Finland, except North America and war zones.

The liability insurance is automatically valid, and its validity does not require any actions from you.

Eezy service includes a liability insurance for consultants. Management consulting, condition assessment consulting or foremen work is not covered. These occupations cannot be insured. For more information, please contact our customer service.

Pension insurance

Persons working through invoicing service are considered in terms of pension insurance as entrepreneurs since 1.5.2017. It means that if your annual earnings exceed YEL minimum limit, you must have such insurance.

We have made YEL insuring as easy as possible and you can take care of your YEL insurance matters with pension insurance company Elo through Eezy. Read more about YEL insurance through Eezy.

The insurance payments are deductible on your personal tax return.

Unemployment benefits

If salaries paid by Eezy does not exceed 300 EUR in a months or 279 EUR over a 4-week period, the salary does not have impact on your unemployment benefits.

If the earned income more than so called ‘exempt amount’ 300/279 EUR, the income is adjusted to unemployment allowance.

Practically, the adjustment means that half of the income earned in top of the ‘exempt amount’ will be deducted from your unemployment allowance. Please contact the unemployment office for more information.

If you are unemployed and receive earnings-related allowance or basic unemployment allowance, you may lose you right to receive such allowance if you employ through Eezy full time. The decision about full time employment is made by unemployment authorities.

Work done through Eezy or any other invoicing service is determined as entrepreneurial activity and does not therefore accumulate work history.

If you have acquired YEL insurance you have a possibility to have entrepreneurs’ unemployment benefits. More info:

AYT website
SYT website 

In the beginning of this year, there were many changes to Unemployment Security Act. In terms of self-employed persons there was a change whereby person who work entrepreneurially full time remains a right to unemployment benefits if the employment does not last continuously more than two weeks (14 calendar days)

In short-term entrepreneurial work, like in any other work, the income is informed only to respective authorities, and income is taken into account when paying unemployment allowance. Unemployment office does not do statement or opinion about short-term entrepreneurial activity.

Unemployment Security Act does not limit how often a person can employ oneself entrepreneurially in two week cycles. In principle it can be said that one day break between employments is sufficient, but we have received contradictory and indistinct opinion from unemployment authorities.

At the moment our recommendation is that if you want secure your right to unemployment allowance, contact the authorities after the first employment period and request them to evaluate your situation.