Card payments

Card payments with Zettle

As an Eezy light entrepreneur you can receive card payments with Zettle payment terminal. Zettle works with Android and iOS phones and tablets.

If you are interested in using Zettle, please contact us and we will help you get started. Please note that the activation of Zettle requires a valid EezyPay subscription.

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EezyPay simplifys your life as a light entrepreneur

Together with Eezy’s light entrepreneurs, we developed a new type of EezyPay payment solution that saves your time and effort, allows flexible payment methods (e.g. MobilePay and online bank and card payments) to your client, and gives you a faster way to get paid for your work. So you get the possibilities of Zettle and much more by using EezyPay!

Compare the features of EezyPay and Zettle using the chart below.

How to start after registrationYou can start using EezyPay right awayRequires an additional activation of an account with Zettle
Card payment terminalYou don’t need thatRequires the purchase of an additional Zettle device
Payment methods for your clientMobile wallets (e.q. MobilePay, Pivo), online bank payments, card paymentsCard payments
How the client paysUsing a payment link or scanning a QR codeWith a payment terminal
When does the client payIn connection with the service or in advanceIn connection with the service
The location of the clientThe client can be anywherePayment is only possible on your location
Salary paymentImmediately after the client paysZettle’s payment delay for salary payment is 1-3 days

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Read more about pricing of the EezyPay.

If you are already an Eezy light entrepreneur, you will find EezyPay on our online service.