Tax card

Please send us your valid Tax card before we pay out your salary. If you need a new tax card because of changed estimated income, you can acquire it through Tax Card online service.

The Tax card can be sent to us through extranet. We do not need the original paper copy of your Tax card. Picture, or a scanned file is valid for us. If we don’t have a valid Tax card when paying out your salary, we will need to withhold 60% tax according to the Tax Authority guidelines.

Please make sure that in all cases you send the actual Tax card, not only the decision about the tax card.

If you want to send your tax card by post, our postal address is:

Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Osk
Itämerenkatu 3
00180 Helsinki

Use this address also in case you have ordered a Tax card from the tax authorities and want them to deliver it to us.

Tax card and YEL insurance

Please make sure that your withholding tax percentage isn’t too low and that you’re not paying the social security fee twice.

When invoicing through Eezy, according to the Pensions Authority (Eläketurvakeskus) you are an entrepreneur. Therefore, we don’t automatically deduct your pension insurance fee from your salary (Tyel).

If the pension and unemployment fees are taken in to account on your tax card as a deduction, your withholding tax percentage may be too low. Therefore, it’s good to check that your pension and unemployment fees are not included when applying for a new tax card for any income you will receive through Eezy. You can also do this in OmaVero for the income amount you will receive through Eezy.

In addition, your annual income needs to be informed in the “income and fringe benefits” section.

If you have an YEL insurance, make sure you remove the double social security fee from the withholding tax calculation. To do this:

  1. For the tax card, inform your YEL income and the amount of paid YEL insurance fees that have been taken into account in deductions made from your earned income.
  2. Inform the income you’ve received through Eezy in the “income and fringe benefits” part as well as the “YEL or MYEL insured entrepreneur’s income” part.