Responsible light entrepreneur service


We at Eezy Light Entrepreneurs take responsible action seriously – for us, it’s not just a buzzword. We take care of our light entrepreneurs’ business like our own and make sure that all obligations are taken care of. In this way, the light entrepreneur can focus on doing the work and the clients can trust that the light entrepreneur’s affairs will be handled by the most knowledgeable and responsible player in the industry. By ensuring the responsibility of our operations, we offer light entrepreneurs a truly flexible and easy way to operate as an entrepreneur without a Business ID.

But what does that responsibility mean in practice? We gathered below the cornerstones of our operations from a responsibility perspective.

Insurance – not just taken care of but the most comprehensive in the industry

We are especially proud of our insurance policies – we have insurance included in the service fee and it is, after all, the most comprehensive one in the industry. Liability insurance covers work-related injuries and is a necessary insurance in the construction industry to enable a light entrepreneur to work on a construction site.

We are also proud of our working time accident insurance: it covers not only material damage but also medical expenses and damage due to loss of earnings.

Our light entrepreneurs who act as consultants are also insured with consultant insurance.

With regard to insurance, it is worth being careful and comparing, for example, the amount of insurance and the deductible part. In the event of possible damage, it is unfortunate if the insurance does not cover the damage in full, but a large part of the compensation remains to be paid.

We also help our light entrepreneurs with the YEL insurance issues and do our best to make our light entrepreneurs understand when the YEL should be taken and what it affects (being the basis of all social security). We have also made the YEL insurance as straightforward as possible: with our free additional service, Eezy’s light entrepreneur can conveniently manage the YEL insurance from Elo, an employment pension company, through Eezy.

Strong authentication

We use strong authentication when registering for the service. This means that after creating the user ID, the service must be signed into with a bank ID or mobile certificate in order to proceed with the use of the service.

Thanks to strong authentication, we receive tax card information from the Tax Administration automatically, and it is enough for a light entrepreneur to have an up-to-date tax card in MyTax.

With strong authentication, we are also fighting against the abuses of light entrepreneurship; our service cannot be registered on behalf of another person, i.e., an employee cannot be transferred to a light entrepreneur through our service without the person knowing it.

We help whenever help is needed

For many, Eezy Light Entrepreneurs is the first touch to invoicing their expertise. It also means that for many people we are really the first point of contact for trying entrepreneurship, self-employment.

There is also a great responsibility here: our job is to help and advise the person at the beginning, to guide them on how to agree on the work, what kind of price they should be able to ask for their own expertise. What to do if the client does not act as agreed or what should be done if something bad happens? We’re not just an invoicing service, we’re truly a light entrepreneurship service – we help, advise, fix.

We are here for our light entrepreneurs – we help every light entrepreneur spread their wings and take off on the path of light entrepreneurship of their choice.

Responsible communication

It is important to us that we communicate things openly and with respect for the light entrepreneur and the authorities. We make sure that we communicate things correctly and that our light entrepreneur always finds everything they need. We do not make empty promises but openly communicate things exactly as they are. We also state the price of the service clearly and we do not have any mandatory additional fees.

And if we find that we’ve communicated something falsely – we will fix it as soon as we find out about it.

Aiming for five-star customer service

Great customer service is at the heart of our service, and we have defined service promises to ensure fair and quality service – always and for everyone. Our customer service organizes its work daily so that the service promises are fulfilled for every single light entrepreneur.

Check out our service promises.

Salary payment

In connection with salary payment, we take care of all legal obligations applicable to light entrepreneurship services:

  • withholding tax
  • employer’s health insurance payment (YEL-obligated light entrepreneurs)
  • income register declarations
  • withholding and settlement of any foreclosure

We check invoices

We don’t just forward invoices – we check every invoice as much as we can. This way we can ensure that the invoice is sent as correctly as possible, and that the client receives the invoice with the correct information and the light entrepreneur their salary as quickly as possible. From time to time, we will return the invoice to the light entrepreneur with a request for repairs.

Thanks to our years of experience, we also notice clearly too low hourly pricing on the invoices and investigate the situation thoroughly.

Responsible player in society

We take all regulations and regulatory obligations into account in our operations, so that our light entrepreneurs and their clients can have peace of mind and focus on the essentials – doing the work. We are actively working to resolve grievances and improve the operating conditions for light entrepreneurs.

As a member company of The New Work Association – Uusi Työ ry, we participate in the social debate and thereby promote the position of light entrepreneurs in society and promote the development of responsibility in the industry. The Responsible Operator logo on our website means that we operate in accordance with the ethical guidelines of The New Work Association.

We bring out the voices of our light entrepreneurs as much as possible – because we’re proud of every single light entrepreneur, everyone has a valuable story to share!

Privacy policy

Only information relevant to the service is collected from the light entrepreneur and the information is mainly collected from the registered persons themselves. Personal data is processed to handle invoicing and payroll processes, and to implement customer communication and experience.

The privacy policy is available on our website.

We listen to our light entrepreneurs in development work

When developing our services, we always think about our light entrepreneurs first. We involve our customers in development projects and develop our online services and additional services from the customer’s perspective. We’re not just wondering if we think it would be great if we had a service or functionality – we’re asking if it would be of use to our customers.

Together with our customers, we moved the invoicing service to the modern era and developed the EezyPay payment solution to make the everyday life of light entrepreneurs easier. EezyPay saves the time and effort of the light entrepreneur, enables flexible payment methods for the light entrepreneurs customer (e.g. MobilePay) and a faster way for the light entrepreneur to get paid for his work. It was time for Finland’s first light entrepreneurship service to once again be a trendsetter in the industry.

We take care of our personnel

We want every expert and professional who handles the business of light entrepreneurs here to enjoy their own work. One hour of exercise per week, lunch benefit, flexible working opportunities. We all have even a work number and a personal phone number separately. In this way, our experts can spend their free time in good spirits and return to work well-rested.

Through group-wide personnel surveys, we also gain access to potential problem areas and address and develop operations to support the well-being of our personnel.

We choose our partners carefully

It is important to us that our partners’ values are like ours – courage, positivity and professionalism. We choose our partners carefully and demand responsible action also from our partners.