SuperEezy – full service invoicing

Does your time not seem to be enough to make invoices and break down expenses and receipts? Or does using an online service feel overwhelming? Do you dream of the possibility that you would not have to make the invoice yourself and someone would take care of everything related to invoicing and expenses for you? We mean absolutely everything. Outsource things to us – activate the SuperEezy service!

SuperEezy is like light entrepreneur’s invoicing service

SuperEezy is our paid additional service that makes light entrepreneurship really super easy. For you, we take care of making invoices and recording expenses in the system. In the meantime, you can do something more meaningful – like more invoiceable work or just rest.

How much does SuperEezy cost?

  • SuperEezy is our additional paid service. 
  • The service fee is 5 %.
  • The price of the additional service will be charged in addition to the normal service fee and will be calculated from your VAT-free invoicing amount.

Superior invoicing – this is how SuperEezy works

  1. We will make a SuperEezy service agreement and authorization with you.
  2. You register to our service in person, but here too we will assist if necessary.
  3. Invoicing is handled by our service team. Our team takes care of making and sending your invoices, as well as adding your clients and potential work teams.
  4. We will also take care of updating your information, breaking down your expenses and taking care of recording receipts. You will only provide us with the necessary invoicing and expense information either by phone, email, or paper.
  5. When we have done everything, we will ask you for an acknowledgment.

Are you interested in SuperEezy light entrepreneurship? Here is how to get started!

Contact our customer service and let us know you are interested in SuperEezy. You do not need to register at this point unless you are already an Eezy light entrepreneur. If you end up making your light entrepreneurship super-easy, we will make a SuperEezy service agreement and authorization with you. After that, you can lean back in peace and breathe – everything is handled with the expertise of our team.

Light entrepreneur invoicing is now smoother than ever

SuperEezy is a service for you who want to get things done really easy. While invoicing is convenient with our service, the SuperEezy additional service makes it even more convenient. You can use the time you save for productive work or to recover from work. We want light entrepreneurship to be easy, comfortable and productive with us – that is why we offer you several options to carry out your entrepreneurship.

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