Legal and advocacy services

Legal advice and advocacy services  

Of course, we hope that your assignment agreements run smoothly, that your clients are satisfied and that your invoices are paid on time. Sometimes, however, there may be situations where light entrepreneur’s legal advice or advocacy services is needed. Whether it is a tricky agreement, a personal taxation issue, dispute mediation or even editing a privacy statement – you can get help from us. Legal advice for a light entrepreneur is free of charge in general matters, and affordable even in the most demanding situations. 

Legal advice – help with legal issues and situations of a light entrepreneur

Here is how easy it is: when you need legal advice, you can contact Eezy’s own lawyer. If the matter is simple and can be resolved quickly, even during the call, legal advice is completely free for you.

If, on the other hand, it turns out that the matter requires deeper familiarization and more extensive research, we will tell you and get a price estimate, as we do not want to surprise you with additional costs. Eezy’s light entrepreneurs get even the most demanding assignments at a reasonable price. 

The legal advice is available by phone on Tuesdays from 10 am to 2 pm at 09 4242 1559

On the phone with legal matters, you will be served by Eezy’s own lawyer Otto Michelsen. You can also send an e-mail to, but Otto is certainly available during telephone hours. The number is 09 4242 1559. If the number is booked, we will always call you back during the same day – you do not have to call us twice. The service is in Finnish, Swedish and English.

You can get help from us on these legal issues

  • Contractual law matters and their negotiation (creation, inspection and review of contracts)
  • Separate on-demand contracts (e.g. larger orders and customization of Eezy contract templates as well as sectoral agreements)
  • Legal advice (personal tax issues)
  • Entrepreneur’s Social Security and YEL
  • Dispute resolution
  • Preparation, editing and review of the privacy statement
  • Debt matters

What does legal advice cost?

Eezy’s light entrepreneurship service includes legal advice at no extra charge:

  • General advice, such as interpretations of our contract templates and instructions for completion.
  • Telephone counseling until the assignment requires further clarification, document creation or other similar additional work.

Legal services as an additional paid service 90 € / h (incl. VAT, minimum invoicing 0.5 h), for example:

  • A customized agreement, such as a data protection agreement or an assignment agreement
  • Dispute resolution and mediation
  • All personal legal services for which there is no contractual basis or general instruction

Light entrepreneur advocacy services – free initial survey 

We cooperate with the law firm Sivenius, Suvanto & Co, which is well acquainted with the operations and contract terms of Eezy light entrepreneurs. Sivenius, Suvanto & Co will handle any litigation, arbitration and bankruptcy matters on your behalf.

As part of its service, Eezy Kevytyrittäjät has agreed with Sivenius, Suvanto & Co that the initial survey of your legal situation by telephone is free of charge. At the telephone counseling, you will get an assessment of what actions you should take in your situation and what costs are likely to be incurred.

You will receive more detailed instructions on the legal service you can get by contacting our customer service.

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